Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the TRADEX TOP LIMITED’s use of personal information obtained about the User as a result his/her use of and is an independently published section of the original User Agreement.

TRADEX TOP LIMITED holds termless unlimited rights to receive, organize, process, store, use and destroy personal data of Users whose intention to register shall be an irrevocable consent to the above actions.

Personal information is the information freely provided by the User during registration and execution of payment financial transactions, technical data (IP address, cookie, etc.) and settings of the User's software systems.

TRADEX TOP LIMITED shall not be responsible for the user's negligent attitude to his/her own confidential data, resulted in the fact that this information became available to third parties.

TRADEX TOP LIMITED does not deal with the sale or transfer of confidential information to third parties, except for the official government request of authorized bodies on the grounds of suspicion of committing illegal actions.

This Privacy Policy may be subjected to a complete or partial revision at any time without additional notice to TRADEX TOP LIMITED Users.