User Agreement

1.1. This User Agreement is interpreted as a civil document having full legal force in solving judicial, pre-trial and other disputes, as well as other formal and informal relations between the User and TRADEX TOP LIMITED.

1.2. The full text of the User Agreement is publicly available at, is freely available and is intended for mandatory introduction to all registered Users.

1.3.1. The intention to register at is a direct confirmation of the consent of an individual with the following provisions of the User Agreement.

1.3.2. Negation of the text of the Agreement or any part thereof shall be the basis for refusing to perform registration actions on the part of the dissenting person.

1.4. The user confirms personal social and material independence, financial well-being achieved by legal means, willingly to provide the certifying documents registered in the state accounting system upon request.

1.5. The user is warned of the numerous financial risks associated with using the services of TRADEX TOP LIMITED, is fully aware of the principles of conducting business activities of the Company and shall make deposits in cash in an amount that does not affect personal welfare in case of its loss.

2.1. The user shall have the right to open an unlimited number of deposits in TRADEX TOP LIMITED with personal funds deposited in USD, BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, DASH, BCH, ZEC under the current investment plans.

2.2.1. The user shall have the right to investment benefits in accordance with the independently chosen tariff plan; its terms are not subject to change.

2.2.2. The user shall have the right to receive additional financial profit for participation in the affiliate program provided by the company on publicly announced terms with a standard or increased reward in the form of arithmetically accurately established shares in relation to the deposit of the first, second and third level referrals.

2.3. The website provides a 24/7 qualified technical support service for users on investment, functional, material and other issues related to financial activity of TRADEX TOP LIMITED Users.

2.4. The user shall have the right to private application with offers and wishes to TRADEX TOP LIMITED via the feedback form.

3.1. The user shall be ready for administrative and other kind of responsibility for specifying any erroneous or misleading information regarding registration and payment data, and negligence with respect to his/her own security and confidential data protection.

3.2. Any form of making information publicly available that may be regarded as defaming the reputation of TRADEX TOP LIMITED will immediately lead to a set of stringent measures against the provocateur.

4.1. TRADEX TOP LIMITED's use of the personal information received about the User as a result of his/her use of is governed by the Privacy Policy, which is an independently published section hereof.

4.2. TRADEX TOP LIMITED shall have the right to the sole resolution of all disputes arising as part of settling differences between the User and the Company.

4.3. TRADEX TOP LIMITED shall not be liable for damages caused to Users as a result of illegal or fraudulent actions of any persons, as well as other property, financial and non-material losses, and critical psychological conditions caused by the use of

4.3. The text of this User Agreement may be changed suddenly or permanently, in whole or in part, unilaterally without additional notification to the Users of TRADEX TOP LIMITED services.