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TRADEX fields of activity

For eight months, during which TRADEX TOP LIMITED joint-stock company with limited liability operates as an autonomous business unit, we managed to clearly identify the priority fields of our activities, outline promising vectors, design and create a safe space for profitable Internet investments.

In percentage terms, the structure of TRADEX TOP LIMITED business is as follows:

  • 60% – trading cryptocurrencies: it is justified by several advantages at once: the ever growing market of digital money, its high liquidity and volatility, minimum transfer fees;
  • 20% – ICO (Initial Coin Offering), is a relatively new model of crowdfunding, which showed incredible performance indicators in 2017;
  • 15% – investments in start-ups: venture investments remain a good old way to "cash out" the intellect, convert a new, promising idea into monetary expression;
  • 5% – investments in Forex – a time-tested trading direction: trading in foreign exchange markets is available to anyone who wants to benefit from fluctuations in exchange rates.

Forex market trading

Forex trading is still the most popular type of online trading: it accounts for the majority of transactions concluded in the financial market. Today only the laziest do not earn on floating rates of national currencies.

TRADEX TOP LIMITED has a convenient set of financial instruments that significantly simplify the trading process in the Forex market facilitating a high enough profit without special training in all peculiarities of Internet trading. We offer:

  • no time-binding: unlike the stock market, Forex market transactions can be conducted around the clock, that is, work according to the schedule that each trader sets himself;
  • small start-up capital: average profitability in case of successful work in this segment is 20-25%, therefore it is possible to start earning on traditional trading with small deposits;
  • a set of special trading systems: capability to earn at Forex in automatic mode is compared to a device that automatically prints money: it's simple, convenient and secure.

Investments in ICO Start-ups and Token trading

Investments in ICO projects are a relatively new direction in the activities of TRADEX TOP LIMITED. The youth and prospects of this financial phenomenon attracted the attention of our specialists 2 years ago. Therefore, today we can confidently talk about our impressive and in many ways unique experience in this tool for the development of start-up infrastructure. Financial support for start-ups at the early stages provided by private investors in cryptocurrency terms, makes the work of startup accelerators more efficient, and therefore profitable (including for investors themselves).

Briefly, it looks like this:

  • issue and sale of tokens in the open market: cryptographic assets coming from private investors greatly simplify the work of venture funds and start-up accelerators to attract financing;
  • reduction of transaction costs: rapid attraction of funds means a reduction in transaction costs, because there is no need to attract additional staff resources and time costs for these purposes;
  • focus on the project development program: now venture funds and accelerators can focus their efforts on development of start-ups; this means one thing for investors – the increase in liquidity of their investments!

Cryptocurrency trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Another promising direction in the work of TRADEX TOP LIMITED is cryptocurrency trading. This financial phenomenon can be called a new round in the development of Internet trading: on the one hand, earnings on the exchange rate difference between pairs of cryptocurrencies are similar in many respects to participation in classical trades, on the other – the choice of a reliable intermediary is very important, it ensures payment of money to traders.

TRADEX TOP LIMITED was one of the first to believe in the future of cryptocurrencies, and before the others, it relied on crypto-transactions and blockchain technology. Today, we offer our partners work with the following types of "new" money:

  • Bitcoin – year by year it retains the title of cryptocurrency leader. Experts agree that it is exactly bitcoin that is the most likely candidate for the role of the global currency.
  • Ethereum - a relatively new digital currency which can counteract the "experienced" bitcoin speed of its growth: according to 2016-2017, it is called the most progressive currency.
  • Litecoin – in the rating of the "most", this digital currency holds a position of the most stable and predictable.

Affiliate program

We provide our Users with an excellent opportunity to earn even more by participating in the affiliate program, as well as receiving higher remuneration by becoming the official TRADEX Representative

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